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«Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication» Leonardo da Vinci

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Free Software

Siena Linux User Group

I've been a member of the Siena Linux User Group since the 2000. In the group I take care of the website and I'm one of the oldest member.


During 2006 Ubuntu became my favorite distribution. Shortly after I decided to start to contribute also with the Ubuntu community. These days contributing to Ubuntu is what I do mostly in my spare time. Detailed information about my involvement in Ubuntu is described on my Ubuntu Wiki Page.


Even tough I'm not an hard core developer, I did some development:


Sometimes I do speech at Free Software conferences. You can find my slides in my Slideshare account. Following is a (not really update) list of talks (in Italian):

I also organized big conferences in Siena like the following:


During the years I translated in Italian several Free Software projects, like:


Starting in Spring 2003, me and my friend Dinogen, we lobbied to local politics proposing to the "Comune of Siena" a motion about Introduction and expansion of the Free Software in the Public Administration, which was approved with full agreement January 20, 2004.


On my Ipernity account I have an album dedicated to Free Software meetings.

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